4 years in Peru!

October marks four years for the Daggetts and Blairs in Peru. We both moved here as naive twenty-somethings not knowing how we would be stretched and challenged in the next four years.

In the last four years I have learned a new language and am constantly doing life in my second language. I have learned the bus system of this city better than many Peruvians. I have made real friendships with Peruvians. I have come to enjoy the city that we live in and love the food of this place and I’ve even learned to cook a few Peruvian dishes. 

But I have also gotten to witness God at work. Experience prayers answered. Watch disciples grow. See chains of addiction broken. And these things didn’t happen just because we moved to Peru 4 years ago. It started way before that. Some of it began ten years ago when the Smiths and McKinzies moved to Arequipa to live out and share the gospel here. Some of it began with missionaries before them that introduced them to some disciples they had brought to Christ. 

But God was here present before any of us came. He has been present and working in Arequipa before we could locate it on a map. This is evident by some of the things that our friends have said to us. Two years ago a neighbor asked us to read the bible with his family saying that they have had the desire to read it together as a family for a while but they felt like now was their opportunity. God has been working here. He has been preparing hearts to hear his message. He has been growing his Kingdom here. 

Our continued prayer is that God will show us where we can join him in his work here, that he will continue to prepare hearts to hear his good news, and give us opportunities to share in his work.

Thank you for following along with our journey for the past four years.