January 2011

Just for Kids

It's finally here, a page just for you! Paul writes this in 1 Timothy 4:12, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” Paul wanted Timothy to know that even though there were people around him who were older than he was, God had given him an important job. God has also given you an important job! He wants you to set an example for the people around you, by obeying your parents and teachers, and by telling your friends about Jesus.

Mark as Gospel: The First Must Be Last (9:30-10:16)

The second instance of the prediction-misunderstanding-redefinition movement opens this section. Mark states summarily that Jesus privately repeated the teaching about his death and resurrection. He writes directly that the disciples did not understand (9:32) but were afraid to seek clarification--quite reasonably given that Jesus had recently called Peter “satan” for his reaction to the prediction! But more importantly, the disciples’ internal argument demonstrates that they had not grasped the meaning of the cross for Jesus or themselves: “for they argued with each other on the way about who was the greatest.” The implied attitude and agenda is utterly opposed to the call to die to self and take up the cross. 

Crossing Cultures: Catholicism

Peru is an extremely Catholic country. And within that, Arequipa is an extremely Catholic city. It is woven into the culture here in a very real way. People will state that they are Catholic, even if that just means their family would claim the Catholic church over another, rather than defining their sense of self in relation to God and the world. Nominal Catholicism is widespread, with such participants attending mass on religious holidays, but relatively few times apart from those. 

ICDU View: A Little Help

From the beginning we had big plans for ICDU. These plans weren’t very clearly laid out in our minds but they were big. One thing we have always known is that while we might be able to get ICDU started, and we might be able to launch a project or two, and these few projects might be successful, ICDU would only be a lasting presence in Arequipa with the help of Peruvians committed to the work. For years we have been praying for contacts to be made and friendships to spring up between us and Peruvians with a heart for development work. Let me tell you how God has answered that prayer. 

Missionary Mom: Coming Home

Well, we did it. We lived through our first furlough. It was wonderful to be back in the states, surrounded by friends and family, experiencing the smells and tastes of holiday cooking that we have missed, seeing snow... I could go on and on. Furlough was a blessing, and we thank all of you that made us feel right at home and welcomed us with open arms. I feel encouraged and renewed.