September 2010

Mark As Gospel: The Apostles' Kingdom Ministry (6:7-56)

Jesus finally sends out the “sent ones.” It’s a bold move, because the last we saw of them they were terrified, astounded, and generally faithless. This is a sink-or-swim school of ministry. Again, the summary of their ministry is clearly an imitation of Jesus’ word and deed proclamation of the kingdom.

Crossing Cultures: Influence

We have a natural assumption of having an effect on the people around us. We are taught not to stare, point, make fun, be too loud, or offend others. We are trained to be aware of the feelings of those around us, watch out for other drivers, keep the dog in the backyard and generally be considerate. The basis of these actions is the belief that we can influence the well-being of others. We act accordingly, either positively or negatively, but we know we affect others. 

The Apprentice: Job vs. Mission

It sometimes amazes me, the things I find I miss that I never even thought about before they became unavailable. As I sit here, writing this article, I am munching on cheddar cheese (courtesy of my recent trip to Lima) and drinking root beer (courtesy of the Hendersons). I must confess cheddar cheese has never tasted better than it does tonight. In life, we make choices about where we will live, how we will live, and the sacrifices we are willing to make in order to have the things we really want.

ICDU View: Lending

Over the next few months I’ll be spending my newsletter slot on our entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of our no-interest loan program. I want to spend each month highlighting a borrower and their business. Recently, over on ICDU’s website, I put out an update on the four loans we have made and the two other possible loans to be made. While this program has advanced as we had hoped, it would be even more amazing to break expectations and make another loan or two in 2010. 

Our Two Year Anniversary!

Our Two Year Anniversary!

Can you believe it? We have been here for two years! The Smiths will leave for their furlough next week, and we will leave on our furlough right before Thanksgiving. It is funny how anniversaries naturally cause a time of reflection. This month I have been able to reflect on many things, but what was really special was having the Henderson family come visit.