Family Talk: Ken Smith

More than fifteen years have passed since we as a church family launched a new missionary effort to preach the Gospel in a foreign land. Many changes have taken place in the world, in our church family, and in methodologies of mission work over that time span. As a result, we have much to learn and many blessings to realize through our service and faith in God. Please pray for all aspects of this mission. 

God’s mission to Arequipa or the Caribbean or Romania or any other place is fundamentally the same as His mission to Macedonia in the first century as described in the book of Acts. However, the methodology of missions continues to evolve. For examples of how modern mission work is done and supported, I encourage you to take a look at the Missions Resource Network website

Team Arequipa does not have a working fund at this time. A working fund is needed to obtain ground transportation, to rent and furnish an office, to purchase annual travel back to the US and other aspects of day-to-day work in Peru. We are actively approaching neighbor churches to ask them to be a part of the Arequipa Mission. I expect this process and affirmative responses by some congregations to bring us closer together as we share this responsibility. 

Although neither you nor I know anyone in Arequipa, Peru, we can be confident the people of Arequipa will benefit from hearing the Gospel. We can be confident that underprivileged children and their parents in Arequipa will be blessed by developmental efforts to help them realize their dreams. The simple Gospel message and ministries to assist the people of Arequipa contrast with a modern culture characterized by self-indulgence or self-destruction. 

All of us are interested in making a positive difference in the lives of other people. About half the world’s population still lives on less than $2 a day and many live and die without hearing the Gospel. The unselfish, passionate efforts by Team Arequipa are a source of inspiration for you and I as we endeavor to change the world wherever we are. 

Suzanne and I have been blessed by having Kyle, Larissa, and Shaye in our home. I watched Shaye this morning as she watched snow fall for the first time in her young life and saw in her face the endless possibilities of new beginnings. We are all a part of a new beginning with the Arequipa mission work. I pray that each of us will be a part of Team Arequipa by our contributions, our prayers, encouragement to the Smiths and McKinzies and other involvement that only you and God may see.