Making the Move

Less than six months. Does that sound really short to anyone else? We are finally here…my home town, Tullahoma, TN. I have been waiting for this move for a very long time. I thought that I would be so ready for this time, but I have been experiencing some weird emotions. I am very happy to be among “my people,” but I will miss the people of Shiloh Road so much. I grew to love them and was loved by them in ways that I never expected. God taught me a powerful lesson in Tyler, TX. Wherever we are on this earth, if we can find the church, we have found family. I have shared with many of you that I long for the day when I can find that family in Peru. Thank you all for sharing Christ’s love and encouraging us while in Tyler. I am so blessed to know Greg, Kyle, and Larissa’s “people.” Now it is their turn to know mine. 

First of all, we safely made the trip together (the guys in the moving truck towing the Smith’s vehicle and all the girls in our car). Praise God for safe travel. Second, we are very blessed by our living situation. Greg and I are living with my parents, and Kyle and Larissa are doing some house-sitting for Ken and Suzanne Smith (Ken is one of the elders over missions here in Tullahoma). Ana Grace and Shaye are cuter than ever and are such troopers when it comes to transitions. Besides a major weather change from TX to TN (it has been much colder here) and a little sickness, we have all done great with the move. 

The church had a special presentation of our families the Sunday before we arrived so the Cedar Lane members were eager to meet us the first Sunday meeting we attended. One of the classes (that has chosen to “adopt” out team) brought all kinds of homemade breakfast foods and we spent the class time getting to know the families. It is really neat to me to see so many new faces in a church where I was raised. Our team plans to visit each of the Sunday morning classes in order to meet all of the church members. As a constant, we have chosen to attend the young married small groups. We have scheduled most of our dates for these months and are very excited about our time here.

I love my Cedar Lane family. I have already been approached by so many members here that are ready for me to jump in and help with the ministry happening here. I look forward to my teammates getting to know my family. I am excited about growing toward a love for Arequipa and a more informed approach to missions with the people that raised me. God bless our family all over the United States. Thanks to all of you that prayed for our move here. Shiloh family, we are safe and we miss you already. Cedar Lane family, thank you for our welcome. We look so forward to our time with you. To God be the glory, great things he has done!