¡Feliz Día Papito!

For those of you that don’t remember, Manuela is a woman that helps with housework in both of the families’ homes. We were told that it is very hard to find an “empleada” that one can trust. We feel that Manuela is a God-send to our lives here. Not only is she a hard worker, but she has served as a great mentor, friend, and Peruvian grandmother to our girls. We love her so much, and we earnestly pray that Manuela will come to have an intimate relationship with Jesus one day. 

It came as no surprise to me when she requested to prepare a special meal for Greg and Kyle on Father’s Day. We have developed a special bond with her, and she has shown her love to us many times through the delicious foods she prepares. We invited her 2 children and their families to join us, and were very excited to have her son, Willy, and his family around our table that day. 

Manuela prepared the traditional Sunday breakfast dish of Adobo—pork chops that have been slowly simmering throughout the night in a flavorful broth. It is eaten the next morning with plenty of bread for dipping (freshly baked bread that is) and followed with a traditional tea. Once again, she prepared a traditional Arequipa dish, and it was the best we had eaten. She really could open a restaurant. She brought the meal to our home, and we seated 13 people around the table. It was a lot of fun. Willy drove his new car (see Greg’s article) over to the house which was an added bonus to our day. 

After Manuela’s family left, we had a time of worship and communion. It has been very special to have our three guests from the states with us. I had not sung so many English songs with a larger group in so long. It really makes me look forward to our time of furlough when we can join in singing with you all. 

Please pray for Manuela, her family, and our continued relationship with her. She has been such a blessing to our lives here. She provided a first Father’s Day in Peru that I will always cherish.