ICDU View: Redefined

Before we ever left the states, we knew one thing about our development work: We had no clue what we were doing. What we have accomplished so far has been a testament to the power of God and to what good people can do with good intentions. However, the fact has not been lost on us that we could do much more and do it better, if we were only more in- formed. Alfredo has been our source of much information and a great networker here in Arequipa, but the issue of knowing how to plan a project from beginning to end through multiple stages is still a problem. As a team we have been praying over this and have recently decided to take a new approach. 

So far, we have functioned by collaborating on each decision and project. Decisions and planning were a group process. While this has served us alright, we feel that now is a good time to make a change. In essence, the change we have made places Greg in a coordinator position over our house churches and me over our development projects. Does this mean that projects and house churches will no longer be a group en- deavor? Absolutely not. What it means is that each of us now knows where to focus our time and energy. Greg will pursue further knowledge on the dynamics of starting a house church movement here in Arequipa. He will develop and plan curriculum and training methods. He will work with Peruvians to figure out how to improve what we are already doing. I will study and learn about development work and how we can maximize our ministry to the poor and needy here in Arequipa. I will seek the insight of Peruvians in order to better evaluate possible projects so that development results in a systematic change rather than simply being short term relief. 

We are beginning a new phase in the work here in Arequipa. We are attempting to utilize a new strategy. While we prayed long and hard about these decisions and feel that they are the right ones, we now ask you to join with us in praying to God for wisdom and guidance. He has truly been our guide in these first two years and only He will ensure that what we do has lasting meaning and success. Planting and watering seeds only goes so far. After that growth must occur, and we recognize God as the one who makes things grow.