Missionary Mom: Rogar

A brief update: I have been taking Spanish classes again the past 3 weeks. I am loving it! And Greg tells me he can already see a big improvement. Poco a poco (little by little). I am so thankful for my new teacher, Nancy, who comes to my home and sometimes teaches me while I have to hold Maggie (she is supposed to be taking a nap during this time). It is life, but we are making it work and God has been very, very good to me. Thanks to all of you that are praying for my language skills. Your prayers have been heard. Keep praying. 

One of my favorite new words since taking lessons is rogar. The verb meaning was listed in my book as “to plead, pray.” There are other verbs for praying, but this verb is what we use when we get on our knees and plead before the throne of our Father. He rogado mucho (I have been pleading in prayer a lot) in the last month.  

We are at an exciting point in our ministry right now, but it is a point where I know that God is the only one to give the increase. Relationships are ready for the next level, conversations are ready to take place regarding commitment, more doors are opening, developmental projects are succeeding but need more attention, and the list goes on. Sometimes if I really try to think about all the things we need to do, I am overwhelmed with a sense of inadequacy. That is why it is so important that our team looks to God in all things. He abundantly blesses the ways of his plan, and I truly believe that we are trying our best to live out that plan here. 

The week before Easter, the team planned a special time of fasting and prayer. We had some major specifics to bring before the Father. Since then, a huge specific was answered in regard to the decision Alfredo made. I cannot ex- plain in words what feeling I had after finding out that we were making a trip to the river. I really believe that God answered multiple prayers that day. Some of those prayers go back to before we ever set foot on Peruvian soil. I am excited to see a “domino effect” of that action and where it will take the church here. 

I always heard it from missionaries and missions classes—prayer life is vital to the mission field. Our God is an awesome God. He can do amazing things, and I think that he enjoys weaving the story of his people together in a way that they never expect. That seems to be my experience at least. I keep a prayer journal. It is a way for me to talk to God very openly and at the same time to journal about crucial times in my journey. I always love that I can write a prayer of praise like the baptism of Alfredo in April of 2010, and then see where I wrote his name in a prayer from September of 2008. God is ever faithful, and he is at work. 

You are in a mission field. Whether that be an office, a classroom, or a home, what Alfredos are surrounding you in your journey? Prayer is vital for the mission field. He gives the increase! I pray for his Kingdom to spread throughout the world as we rogamos. Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.