Just for Kids

Sunday was Easter, and you might have had a special dress to wear to Bible class, or your mom might have made you dress in a tie and dress shirt, even though you would rather be in jeans. You might have searched for eggs in the park or backyard, and you may have eagerly awaited the Easter Bunny to leave you an Easter basket filled with candy and other goodies. Coloring eggs, pretty spring dresses, and baskets filled with fake grass and chocolate bunnies are all things I remember about Easter when I was a little girl, but here in Arequipa, children rarely receive candy or baskets for Easter, and they don’t know who the Easter Bunny is.

Here in Arequipa, Easter is about what we celebrate every single Sunday when we sing, pray and worship God. Easter is a time to remember that Jesus is alive and that he is able to save us. My mom used to tell me that we celebrated Easter every Sunday when we met with the Church, and she was right. Every Sunday we remember that Jesus came to Earth and died and the cross for you and me so we could be a part of his family, but Easter is a special time to remember that he didn’t stay dead! He came back to life. So we can celebrate rather than be sad, because Jesus is alive! 

Take the time to read about Jesus’ resurrection on your own or with a parent.