The Spinny Rainbow Wheel

When I’m pushing my Mac’s processor, a little rainbow hued circle appears, spinning where my cursor should be. It lets me know that the computer is working, but it’s going to be a moment before I can do much else. Sometimes I have the feeling that little icon is hovering around my head. We have a couple of things in the works here that are just waiting for the processor to catch up. 

We’ve put together three more library locations, but there’s a bit of bureaucracy to endure before the books will make it to us from Lima. So, we’re on the cusp of quadrupling our library project, but a library without books... 

We’ve also long since acquired the funds for the Living Water project promoted on the ICDU site. So, what’s the hold up? Before we can buy the tanks that will hold the water, the community needs to build the cement pads and security measures that will house them. This will happen when they can organize a faena, a community work project, and not before. There is no ctl+alt+esc here. This is culture. So, we wait. 

Ongoing Bible studies also seem to be plagued similarly. Work demands have increased lately, causing cancelations, rescheduling, and general delay. Every time I get one of those phone calls, there is a flash of multicolored frustration spinning blithely just outside my peripheral vision. 

In all seriousness, though, we are learning patience, slowly—which is necessarily the only way to learn patience, it would seem. God has done so much already, we couldn’t ask for more, and of course he’s pacing himself so we can more ore less keep up. Working with us is probably like working with that low end HP I took to college. Well, not that bad, I hope. But it is good that he is the patient one. 

We do have some other things in the works right now, some of which Kyle will fill you in on and some of which it is too early to unveil yet. I can say that a new version of the newsletter will be released in Jan. 2010, as will a remodeled team website. Hopefully we can increase those tools’ value to you. 

Finally, I ask you to pray for Jose Luis. He is thinking hard about what a commitment to follow Jesus will mean for his life, and we are hopeful that he will soon be ready to take that step. There is nothing more important in process here, and we wait expectantly to see what God is going to do with our new friend.