Living Water

God likes to work with water. He used water to flood the world, he parted the waters to deliver his people from slavery, he produced water from rocks in the desert, he parted a river as his people entered the promised land and Jesus’ first recorded miracle shows him turning water to wine. It seems fitting to me that we would choose, as our first project in El Naranjal, to help provide clean water to people who have none. This month we have made some exciting progress that we want to share with you all. 

Last we reported we were still waiting on donations to the Living Water fund. As of now we have received enough to move forward and begin construction of the repository. This past week Greg met with the directors of the community to sign a work agreement detailing the help we want to provide. It is our hope that in November we will be able to acquire the materials and finish construction by the end of the year. It could take a lot less time but we’re accustomed to waiting here. If we can finish by the end of the year then they will be able to celebrate their anniversary with fresh drinking water. 

You can imagine that with such a young community there is really no limit to aid that we can provide or that they need. Already in our minds new projects are taking shape and research has begun on how to carry them out in the most responsible ways. Keep looking to our websites and reading our newsletters as we’ll have some exciting projects and news out of El Naranjal. We’ll keep you updated with stories, pictures, and video so that you can come to know and love this community as we are.