Unexpected Blessings

I was very excited to move to Tullahoma because it is my home. I grew up in this church. What I didn’t expect was to see so many new faces. A wonderful, unexpected blessing is the group of peers that our team has found. 

Cedar Lane Church has a young-married group that has exploded. Before we arrived, the small group of young-marrieds meeting every Sunday night in homes grew to such a size that they had to form two groups. What is even more exciting to me about this group of people is their heart to focus on God’s mission at Cedar Lane and their maturity in sharing God’s message with the people that surround them in Tullahoma. Many from this group have committed to serving on our Tullahoma mission support team. They excitedly express their intent to come visit us on the field. Jobs among these young couples include teachers, nurses, moms, doctors, and engineers. 

Our team chose to spend three months with each small group. We just completed a study on 1 John together. Every couple in both small groups participated in the church’s Vacation Bible School. How is that for involvement? We have been blessed and encouraged by these couples and we look forward to keeping the ties that we formed here. For my family, this is the first time 
in our marriage where Greg and I have had so many peers to lean upon and learn from. Greg plays basketball two times a week with many of the guys from this group. I have found some great girlfriends that I look forward to keeping up with after being in Peru. 

God has certainly been filling us up in more ways than I imagined this six months. To the members of our small group who are reading this, thank you so much for making us feel right at home, loving us, and encouraging us in the work that we plan to do in Peru. We will miss all of you greatly, but we look forward to multiple reunions here and in Peru.