Living Libraries: The Passing of a Torch

The Living Libraries program has passed a milestone! 

Three years ago this program opened its first library in an all-boys elementary school in a neighborhood called Miraflores. CUDA, through the Living Libraries program, is striving to increase a love for reading while bettering reading comprehension in kids throughout public schools. CUDA provides the books for a library within an elementary school if the school agrees to provide a space to put a library. Also as a part of this program the teachers are required to attend training workshops throughout the year to learn strategies to be able better to teach reading to their students. 

After three years, CUDA signs over the ownership of the library to the school and all the books become property of the school. At the end of November we had a celebration for the first school to complete the three years in the program and CUDA signed over the library. 

Not only is it a huge deal for a school to complete the three-year program, but it was also so special to see the director of the school speak at this ceremony about how much she believes in this program and in what it’s doing. 

So as this school graduates from the Living Libraries program, CUDA will continue to work with the other three schools that will be starting their second and third year in the coming school year while adding on one school to begin their first year. And the cycle continues. But our prayer is that with Living Libraries being a part of these schools cycles of poor education can be reversed, these kids will learn to love to read, the teachers will improve their teaching strategies, and the Kingdom of God will break in.