The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work by John M. Gottman

Professor Gottman and his team has conducted strategic, scientific research for decades. It can now boast of "forty-two years of longitudinal data on the importance of marital friendship". His work has confirmed the universality of the Seven Principles and this book is the culmination of this work. His research, through the use of the "Love Lab", has taken into account an incredible range of factors from hormone release, cardiac rhythms and sweat production to questionnaires, observations and interviews. The Gottman Institute also provides therapeutic and educational work that has helped countless couples. 

Allow his book to shock your marriage life with its surprising statements (for example learning that "communication and resolving conflict are not the royal road to an enduring, happy marriage"). Allow this book to educate your marriage with new knowledge about emotional intelligence, harsh start-ups, and the four horsemen. And allow this book to enhance the friendship and success in your marriage with its many practical exercises, strategies, resources and new approaches to resolving conflict. May it bless your marriage as it has blessed ours.