Saying Goodbye to Arequipa

The time has come for a season of transition for my family. We have worked here in Arequipa with hopes to make ourselves available to God and bless this city in whatever ways possible for 3 and a half years and have decided to move back to the United States for the next phase of life that God has in store for us. We believe it is the right choice and the right timing for our family and our ministry here. 

My family and I want to thank you for your prayers on our behalf and on behalf of our team as a whole these past years. Thank you for praying for the Peruvian people and Christians here. We also humbly ask for your continued prayers for us as we move back and for our team that remains here in Arequipa. We know things have changed back in the States; they are not exactly as we left them 3 and a half years ago. We don’t know quite what to expect, but are asking God to give us grace as we find our way again and as we change from two very different cultures from one day to the next. 

Many of you have sacrificed for us to bring the good news to Arequipeños and you must know that God will be faithful as He continues His work here through many other people. Thank you for blessing us.