Church Retreat

Thanks so much to the church of Christ at Cedar Lane in Tullahoma, Tennessee for providing funds for Greg McKinzie to travel to Arequipa to lead the church’s recent beach retreat!

Greg led discussions about centering prayer, the lectio divina method of reading and meditating on scripture, and a practice for seeking discernment as a group. The church was greatly encouraged and is still talking about the retreat as we try to put these simple disciplines into practice in our Sunday meetings. Besides the discussions Greg led, we enjoyed a lot of time eating, swimming, and relaxing together. Check out the montage of pictures and videos from the retreat that Katie published on her Facebook page.

During our discussions about prayer, some great questions got tossed around. In a culture where asking religious questions is sometimes actively discouraged, it was exciting to me to see Peruvians dare to ask what was truly on their minds. This is something we constantly try to encourage in our gatherings. I thought I’d share a couple of these questions to give you a peek into the mind of the church here:

Is it ok to pray to Jesus or should we direct our prayers directly to God the Father?
Is there any value in repeating set prayers like the Lord’s Prayer or should we always pray ‘freestyle’?
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