2019 Updates

This year has brought a lot of new changes for us but along with that many blessings. We started the year with the birth of our son, Kinney, on January 3 and Adileen has been a big sister in love with her little brother ever since. In February we began our new work with Harding University Latin America (HULA) study abroad program welcoming 29 students to South America. We spent the month of March traveling and teaching our HULA group in Chile before we moved all of them to Arequipa in April. Throughout their time in Arequipa we got to introduce them to our home and friends and CUDA and they were such an encouragement to the house churches. The HULA group was with us until the end of May when we sent them back to the States. In June the Blairs, our teammates, moved back to the States and then we were able to go visit the States for some time with family. We came back to Arequipa and in mid-July Bobbie Solley of the Bobbie Solley Foundation was able to come visit the Living Libraries program along with another teacher, Angela Pope. At the end of July, four families from the Central Church in Little Rock came down to put on a VBS for the missionary kids at our annual Peruvian Missionaries Retreat that was held in Arequipa this year. It is now August and while all of you are beginning the school year Adileen is finishing up her 2 week winter break ready to get back to school to see all her friends. 

That has been our crazy last 7 months in a nutshell. We were so sad to see the Blairs leave and so please be praying for our family as we now figure out what life and ministry looks like without our best friends here doing it with us. What a blessing it was having them here with us for the past 4 1/2 years. Kinney and Adileen are doing great and just as entertaining as ever. Adileen is speaking more and more Spanish which is fun to see and Kinney is growing bigger and bigger! Jeremy continues blessing everyone he gets to talk to and is busy working with CUDA as well. I am continuing my exercise group three mornings a week and have also started a few discipling relationships with some women. 

Thank you for following along our journey here in Peru. My prayer is for God to be making himself known here in Arequipa through us and that He will give us opportunities to share Him with others.