Library News: Kids' Events

We have so much to tell you regarding the libraries!

This past month we hosted several different school groups from the ASA community in our library. The intention was to teach them a lesson (on honesty) and to invite them to come and use the library. It is surprising to us that many of them are surprised to learn that library access is free. My best friend of over 20 years, Jeannie Petty, taught our kids’ event (which we have every other Friday) and we had great attendance—many from those school groups. She taught on dental hygiene so I have deemed her “first teamAREQUIPA medical missionary.” The children seemed to really enjoy her lesson, and they all went home with a toothbrush and floss. Thanks so much Jeannie for coming and taking part in this work! 

Aside from kids’ events, Greg and Larissa have been teaching a mini-course on urban gardening to the women of the community. They have had a really successful turnout and the women are really enjoying the new information. They have been able to teach this course in two different areas of the community. 

If you have kept up with our library news, you know that we want to use these libraries not only to promote literacy but to serve as community centers in the neighborhoods. We are able to schedule events for different age groups, host Bible studies, and get to know community members through this atmosphere. We are excited about three new library locations. One library will operate out of a family’s garage several blocks from the first library. The second opportunity is from a lady at one of the existing churches here who lives much further up in ASA. The third is one that I am really excited about. Greg has spent many hours with a new contact we have made here (read his article regarding Abraham) and meeting with the Miraflores (our district) mayor. 

Abraham also lives in Miraflores and asked if we could help him to establish a library in this part of the city. After multiple meetings, the mayor has allowed us to use space in a government building in the Miraflores neighborhood called Porvenir. He has already handed Greg a set of keys to the building. What is neat about this is that it is such a large space. All of the libraries so far are very small. We hope that this library can be used to host larger events (like a future medical mission trip from our supporters). We are working hard to complete the set-up of these new library settings. We hope to post more pictures in the November newsletter.