October 2009

Living Water

God likes to work with water. He used water to flood the world, he parted the waters to deliver his people from slavery, he produced water from rocks in the desert, he parted a river as his people entered the promised land and Jesus’ first recorded miracle shows him turning water to wine. It seems fitting to me that we would choose, as our first project in El Naranjal, to help provide clean water to people who have none. This month we have made some exciting progress that we want to share with you all. 

Library News: Kids' Events

We have so much to tell you regarding the libraries! This past month we hosted several different school groups from the ASA community in our library. The intention was to teach them a lesson (on honesty) and to invite them to come and use the library. It is surprising to us that many of them are surprised to learn that library access is free.


I often think about the words of Dr. Cox, who was very influential in my formation at Harding. He tells of a lesson he learned as a young missionary in Africa prone to focusing on sermon preparation and delivery. He came to realize that his priorities were slightly misaligned and posted a written reminder for himself: 20% of what you do is sermon preparation and delivery, 80% of what you do is about being in the lives of people. I’m sure he’ll forgive me if my quote isn’t exact; the essence is right at least.