Missionary Mom: Summer Days Are Flyin'

Our winter (your summer) is flying by! There is so much going on around Arequipa these days. Let's catch up... 

All four of our interns made it safely to the city. They have been here for close to 3 weeks now. Their names are Hope, April, Stephanie, and Manet. Three are studying education and Spanish at Harding. With the library work we have going, I think our internship is an excellent opportunity for them. Manet comes to us from ACU and is studying marriage and family therapy. She is fluent in Spanish and has already struck up evangelistic conversations in relation to her field of study. I have thoroughly enjoyed having these girls around. Our family and the Smiths host one intern each, and Rachel houses the other two. 

Greg and Kyle are working hard on some presentation material for the Global Missions Conference in the states for October. It will be an excellent opportunity to network with other churches and Christians and to share about our loan program and the work going on here. They will also be making some quick trips over to Harding University and Abilene Christian to spread the word and talk with any interested in possibly joining the work here. We need your help! We do not have the funds budgeted for this trip. Also, Alfredo, one of our Christian brothers, is going to make the trip with them. You can help us by going to our http://icduperu.org website to donate electronically or by giving a donation to one of our support team members. We would love to purchase their plane tickets as soon as possible. Please be praying for this opportunity. 

We had a celebration service this past Sunday. It is always neat to meet as a large group and share in the Lord. There are new faces every time we meet, which is exciting. Personally, I have a lot of work to do in growing relationships with many of these people. The other Sundays we continue to meet in two different groups. Those seem to be going well. 

The team is hard at work. There will be a third house church to begin meeting tomorrow out at Naranjal (Manuela's community). Greg and Kyle will go to that meeting together. Rachel will teach the kids' class there as well. There are several Bible studies going on. Larissa just completed one that we are all praying about. It was with one of our church member's wives. We pray to see her accept Christ in the near future. Please pray for all of the studies going on. Speaking of Larissa, if you haven't heard the news, she is pregnant! We are excited for the Smith family. Larissa is due at the end of December. 

My family has reached what seems to be our new normal. Cohen is growing like a weed, and I am slowly but surely adjusting to this new 3-kid scene. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes, prayers, and encouragement. The interns will be here another month, and then we will be more than half-way through the year. I can't believe how fast it is going.