June 2011

Just for Kids: Emperor's New Groove

I'm sure many of you have seen The Emperor's New Groove. In the movie, Kuzco is the emperor of the Incas and decides to use his power to take away the home of a poor man who takes care of llamas, so that he can have two homes. If you have seen the movie, what do you think Kuzco learns about friendship, family, and the value of others?

Crossing Cultures: Identification

We are used to being identified by a few key pieces of information, typically including full name, possibly maiden name, Social Security number, driver’s license number, and birthdate. Some of that information is widely known, while some is protected in order to protect our identity, our uniqueness and access to personal things. 

CUDA View: June 2011

We often struggle with keeping the message of ICDU balanced. Seeking out physical needs to meet and new projects to implement can at times take our focus off the driving force behind our presence and work here: Jesus. So we seek balance. Borrower meetings are coupled with prayer time and at times bible study. New applicants hear about our desire to minister to them spiritually, and Greg has prepared a series of lessons on business ethics from a Christian perspective that all borrowers attend.